• The conventional grinding machines are unbalanced ( motor on one side and grinder on the other) and are belt driven hence cannot control flatness of the grinding floors. Whereas our Italian machines are direct drive machines with the weight of the motor directly adding to the weight being applied on the grinding segments is more balances and gives an absolute flat surface.
  • The Planetary movement of the segments ensures 100% removal of scratches.
  • The toolings are high precision actual diamond impregnated metal and resin bonds.
  • Shine comes from the machanical grinding process without using any polish(waxpol,tinoxide)
  • Scratches are totally eliminated by grinding instead of filling with shinning chemicals used in conventional methods where scratches are not eleminated but are visible.
  • This gives long lasting shine bringing out natural beauty of the stone. Conventional diamond polishing uses waxpol which comes out in a weeks time.
  • Lippages between joints are totally eleminated giving it a look of absolute evenness.
  • Absolute professional approach.
Sparkling Floors with Italian Technology
Make your Marble come Alive and Sparkle