Terms and Conditions

  1. All work carried out would be as per fisa technology using italian tools and machines.
  2. All cracks and lipppaes would be cleaned to the best possible and filled with italian matching glue. Colour would be matched to the nearest best possible colour. The cracks and joints would however be visible to the naked eyes.however any previous resin/glue which is too hard and cannot be removed will be left as it is.
  3. All utility items like water and electricity would be provided by the customer at their cost however wires and extension points would be provided by us.
  4. All transportation cost of machines and material to be used will be born by us
  5. Any work held up in between due to any reasons by the customer will cost the customer rs 1000/- per day per person except for sundays and public holidays.
  6. Date of commencement of work should be confirmed atleast one week in advance. Any postponment or cancellation of work at the last minute would result in forfeiture of advance.
  7. Once the work is completed and approved we do not take any responsibilty of covering the same. Protection of the gloss will be totally the resposiblity of the customer.
  8. All scratches or errosion of gloss once we complete and get it approved due to any other work being carried out will not be our responsibility and any rework will be done at extra cost.
  9. All polysheets and masking tapes for covering and protection of walls, woodwork furniture etc would be provided by us only to protect from our process.
    However minor stains might come on the wall incase necessary would need to be reworked at customers cost.
  10. Any loss of gloss due to moisture or salt coming out of the marble will not be our responsible
  11. All scratches coming onto the marble due to dust and no proper mainanence will not be our responsibility.
  12. Any sealant or impregnator being applied by us is not our company product and we will not be resposible for any stains coming thereafter as we are only applying the same for you.
  13. All stains on the stone cannot be removed by grinding however we can try to remove some of them with locally available stain removers at customers cost. The company will not be responsible for stains, which do not come out.
  14. Clearance of space and all removal and reinstation of items and furniture would be customers responsibilty.
  15. Our standard payment terms are 50% advance and balance on the day of successful completion and approval of work.
  16. all prices quoted are excluding all taxes, which would be charged at actuals as applicable at the time of billing.
  17. We take up jobs from a minimum area of 500 sq ft of floor areas.we do not undertake jobs where only claddings and toilets are involved. However we take up all jobs when the minimum floor area is more than 500 sq ft.
Sparkling Floors with Italian Technology
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