Our Services

1. Stone Restoration
2. Marble Polishing
3. Mirror Polishing
4. Turnkey Installation
5. Sealer application
6. Restoration of Marble and Sandstone
7. Diamond Polishing
8. Italian Marble Polishing
9. Old Marble Restoration
10. Installation & Polishing of fresh Italian Marble Granite & Sandstone
11. Post Construction Cleaning
12. Restoration of Sandstone
13. Installation of Dry & Wet Cladding
  • Grinding/regrinding,polishing/Repolishing of old and newly laid marble and stones
  • Grinding and polishing of Sandstones
  • Repolishing of laid granite
  • Installation and Fixing of New marble,granite and tiles
  • Removal of pittings,bends, unevenness, Cracks in old marble
  • Application of high end sealants and impregnators
  • Maintenance Packages - We offer convenient maintenance packages where we train your staff, supply you polishing machines and polishing pads and alternatively undertake it ourselves.
  • Consultancy - Being pioneers in marble and stone restoration business across the world we offer clients advise on what would be the best price for a good Italian marble in the Indian marble market.
Also since we do the final polish and undertake guarantees for the final product we help choose customer the best quality of marble to be procured at the best price in the market.
Sparkling Floors with Italian Technology
Make your Marble come Alive and Sparkle