Basically we use sofIsticated high precisioin italian grinding machines which in combination with actual diamond impregnated metal bonds followed by another set of diamond studed rasin bonds.
  • Depending on the the degree of unevenness and the amount of lippages and cracks on the stone we use different grades of metal bonds to even out the surface.
  • This is followed by cleaning of the surface along with all cracks and joints.
  • We then fill all joints and cracks with Italian glues which we also match to the color of the marble. These glues also dry fast and catch the colour of the marble and also the shine.
  • This process is followed by four stages of grinding with the help of our rasin bonds.
  • once we get the required level of smoothness and shine we wash the surface and start polishing with our flash pads to get the required mirror gloss on the floor surface.

We also like to advise you that our process is very clean -we use proper protection on your walls and woodwork.

Also we have vacuums to suck our the slurry and the dirt which can be disposed outside.

We would also like to advise you that our charges as quoted are on a square feet basis and all skirtings and step risers would be charged on running feet basis at the same rate.

All mobilasation and demobilasations would be at our cost and we would be requiring the following from you.

  • Working area free of any movements and furnitures.
  • Power supply
  • Water
  • Place to dispose the slurry and waste place to keep our toolings.
Sparkling Floors with Italian Technology
Make your Marble come Alive and Sparkle